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The Butterfly Project - Neonatal units

The Skye High Foundation produces and distributes packs to families and hospitals to support parents during and after the loss of a baby part of a multiple birth. Working in partnership with The Neonatal Research team based in Newcastle University.
We are looking to distribute a large pack out to every neonatal ward within the UK.
The packs will contain:
- Posters
- Cot Cards
- Family Support Leaflets
- Staff Training Leaflets
- Memorial items such as Crocheted purple butterflies to gift to families.
Due to the cost of pack creation and shipping, we would like confirmation that your unit would be interested in receiving one of our packs and that the contents would be used.
*Please note, we are aiming to distribute in approximately May 2022.

Have you heard about the butterfly project before?
Can we keep in touch about future projects? (No general marketing)
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