• "Having the purple butterfly has given me comfort and helped me confirm to the world Isabelle existed. I didn’t have one in hospital but I wish we had. It was a tough time in the neonatal unit with out sick surviving baby trying to process our journey. A purple butterfly may have symbolised to the staff our extra difficult journey & sadness we felt as well as how precious our survivor was. I think it is an amazing idea to raise awareness & acknowledge the difficulty families go through in a simple, discrete but beautiful way."

  • "Having the butterfly on my baby's door and incubator helped eliminate having to repeat our story. We've since embraced the butterfly as a representation of our angel baby."

  •  "It was so nice having a reminder for other of our situation so it wasn’t a constant “where twin a” -"

  • "I gave birth to my twin boys at 27 weeks, unfortunately after 4 days my twin b (Zachary) passed away due to a catastrophic brain bleed. Following this the hospital provided us with a pack which included the purple butterfly. We stuck the purple butterfly to twin a's (Dexter) incubator. The butterfly stayed with us and moved between hospitals and is now stuck in Dexter's room. The purple butterfly became a symbol of remembrance for us and we now always associate Zachary with butterflies."

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