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Neonatal Project 2020

We are currently working on the '2020 Neonatal Project'. A project designed to get the butterfly packs into every neonatal ward within the UK. There are currently 160 neonatal wards. We are fundraising to raise £5000, to make this possible. The funds raised will cover the cost of creating the packs and shipping them to each hospital.

A butterfly pack will include the following:

50 Posters

250 Cot Cards

20 Staff Training Leaflets

50 Family Support Leaflets

In total we will be ordering 8000 posters! 40,000 cot cards! 3200 Staff Training Leaflets! 8000 Family support Leaflets. 

This project will ensure that any family within the UK that suffers the loss of a baby part of a multiple birth has the support they need during such a heartbreaking time. 

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